Editorial charter

The Editorial Charter and the Authors Guidelines can be download in PDF here.


Editorial Charter

To submit articles

  • Submissions must be in response to a Call for Publications, or in response to the annual call to compete for the “Roberte Horth” Prize (articles published in the off-theme section).
  • Articles must be previously unpublished or translated into French for the first time.
  • The proposals must not exceed 500 words. A presentation of the author, including your name(s), discipline and academic affiliation (possibly); contact details; and a short biography (up to 150 words) should accompany your submission in a separate file.
  • Articles should not exceed 7 000 words, including footnotes and references; Book reviews and articles in the “Arsenal” section should not exceed 1 000 words.
  • The article sent after acceptance of the proposal must be properly prepared to be blind reviewed: file properties must not hold any information, except for the article’s title.
  • The text should include a ten-line abstract, its translation in French, and five to eight keywords.
  • Abstracts and documents must be sent as an e-mail attachment. Files must be sent in DOC or RTF format, to redaction@commentsensortir.org. The Editorial Board will return a receipt to the sender.

Evaluation Process

All articles are handed over to two referees of the Review Board by the Editorial Board for blind peer-review. Modifications may be asked from the contributor. Then, the article may be modified and be reviewed a second time. The Editorial Board reserves the right to decide on the final acceptance or rejection.

Authors guidelines

Page settings

  • Articles must be in DOC or RTF format.
  • Articles must be in one of the four following languages: French, English, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Articles must be prepared for blind review.
  • Articles should include the following items: a title (and its translation in French), a ten-line abstract (and its translation in French), five to eight keywords (and their translation in French), endnotes, and a bibliography.
  • Margins are set to 1.5 cm or 2 cm on all sides throughout.
  • Visual material must be copyright free and placed as a separate file in e-mail attachments. The preferred formats for images are JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. On a separate page, include captions and credits that will be inserted in the article. Images should be titled by order (fig. 1, fig. 2…) and should not exceed 400 px in height and in length. They should not be already included in the text, but their reference indicated as such: [fig. 1]
  • Authors are free to choose between the masculinization or feminization of nouns.


  • Font must be Times New Roman, size 12 pt or Arial, size 10 pt.
  • Body text is 1.5 cm line-spaced and justified.
  • Quotations over two lines should be separated from the body text, as a block with double inverted commas (quotation marks), in plain text, with 1cm margins on both sides.
  • Quotation marks: “ ” when quotations are within the text, and ‘ ’ when quotations are within quotations.
  • Single spaces are used after most punctuation marks (. , ; ! ?) but not before them.
  • Use italics for foreign words and phrases.
  • Notes are placed at the end of the text, in an alphanumerical nonstop order.
  • Endnotes are indicated in-text by superscript Arabic numbers after the punctuation of the phrase to which the note refers.


LAST NAME First name, Complete title, City, Publisher, Year (First edition year).

Edited books
LAST NAME(S) First name(s) (ed.), Complete title, City, Publisher, Year (First edition year).

Conference books
LAST NAME(S) First name(s) (ed.), Book title, conference date and place, City, Publisher, Year.

Articles published in academic journal
LAST NAME(S) First name(s), « Title », Journal title, Volume, Issue, Year, pp.

Articles published online, in academic journal
LAST NAME(S) First name(s), « Title », Journal title, Volume, Issue, Year, pp.Page, [Published online] URL : http://url

Chapters in edited book
LAST NAME First name, « Title », in LAST NAME(S) First name(s) (ed.), Book title, City, Publisher, Year, pp.

Chapters in conference book
LAST NAME First name, « Title », in LAST NAME(S) First name(s) (ed.), Book title, Conference date and place, City, Published, Year, pp.

Academic works (dissertation, thesis)
LAST NAME First name, Title, grade / discipline, Advisor’s Last Name First Name, City/University, Year.

Name of the database, [mount], City, Publisher, Year, {if electronic, precise: [published online…], (accessed…)}.

LAST NAME First name, Title or Caption, Year. Process, dimensions, storage place, photo credits (if photography).

Film or Record
LAST NAME First name of the director or the composer/singer, Title [mount], producer or label, date.

Radio or Television show
Title, channel/station, City or Country, broadcast date.

Authorized Abbreviations

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